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Supporter’s Medal (Verzorgingsmedaille) in Silver and Gold

The most common version of the supporter's, or orderly, medal is in bronze, which is described at: 


The silver and gold medals are awarded by the KNBLO to those who have given exceptional service to the Vierdaagse, normally over many years.

Each medal is only awarded once and there is no provision to make further awards.

Fewer than ten gold medals have been awarded to date.  These include one in 1999 to Mrs Roos Bos, the wife of the retiring March Leader Chris Bos for ‘support of her husband over a long period’.

While the silver medal is more common, fewer than 100 have been awarded to date.


Both the gold and silver medals follow the size and exact design and ribbon of the bronze medal, the only difference being the metal.  They are of yellow and white metal respectively, and contain no actual gold or silver.

1965 – 1976

Orderly Medal pre-77 Silver (O).jpg
Orderly Medal pre-77 Silver (R).jpg

Manufactured by Koninklijke Begeer.

Only silver examples have been seen.  Only three gold medals were awarded before 2000, and it is likely that none were made by Koninklijke Begeer before 1977.

The suspension of these silver medals is the same as for the bronze medal.

1977 – to date 

Orderly Medal pst-77 Gold (O).jpg
Orderly Medal pst-77 Gold (R).jpg
Orderly Medal pst-77 Silver (O).jpg
Orderly Medal pst-77 Silver (R).jpg

These are the current silver and gold versions.

Manufactured by W. van Veluw.

Although of the same design as the earlier Begeer medals, there are a number of small design differences.  For example, Begeer medals show the torch flames touching the medal rim while, for those made by Veluw, only the left most flame touches. The style of the letters on the reverse inscription also varies slightly.

Suspension:  The silver medal has been seen awarded with a top suspension bar.  The only examples seen for the gold medal have the pin shown in the photograph below.

Supporter’s Medal (Verzorgingsmedaille) in Bronze

These medals are dealt with on a separate page:

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