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USA: Awards relating to the Vierdaagse

Challenge Coins

The presentation of Challenge Coins began in the US Armed Forces to mark membership of a group or to recognise achievement at a local level.  Most are designed and awarded at unit or facility level and depict a unit badge with an appropriate inscription.  Those receiving a Challenge Coin are expected to carry it with them in order to prove group membership if challenged by a fellow member.  They are seen as a means to enhance group identity and morale.

The U.S. Army has taken part in the Vierdaagse every year since 1947.  The Vierdaagse Cross can be worn by U.S. Army personnel in uniform, Army Regulation 600-8-22 Appendix E describing the award as the 'Holland Four Day Event Cross'.

USA Coin 1996 En (O).jpg
USA Coin 1996 En (R).jpg

1996 Challenge Coin. This coin was presented to members of the U.S. Army who completed the 80th Vierdaagse March in 1996, the fiftieth anniversary of U.S. Army participation.

It is made of bronze coloured metal and has a diameter of 50 mm. Both enamelled (as shown) and non-enamelled versions have been seen.

USA Coin 100th  (R).jpg
USA Coin 100th  (O).jpg

2016 Challenge Coin for the One Hundredth March. Presented to members of the US Armed Forces who completed the 100th Vierdaagse March in 2016.

The reverse side features the seals of the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

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