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Canada: Awards relating to the Vierdaagse

Challenge Coins

The Canadian Armed Forces have regularly taken part in the Vierdaagse since 1952.

While Canadian Forces are not authorised to wear the Vierdaagse Cross in uniform, a number of special Challenge Coins have been presented to those participating in, and supporting, the March.

The presentation of Challenge Coins began in the US Armed Forces to mark membership of a group or to recognise achievement at a local level.  Most are designed and awarded at unit or facility level and depict a unit badge with an appropriate inscription.  Those receiving a Challenge Coin are expected to carry it with them in order to prove group membership if challenged by a fellow member.  They are seen as a means to enhance group identity and morale.

In addition to Challenge Coins produced for the Vierdaagse, commanding officers of a number of Canadian Forces training centres now present challenge Coins to those who obtain key qualifications.

Canada Coin 2002 (O).png
Canada Coin 2002 (R).png

2002.  Coins of broadly this design have been presented by the contingent commander to all Canadian Forces teams that have participated in the Vierdaagse since about 2002.

It is of enamelled bronze coloured metal and has a diameter of 41 mm.

Canada Coin 2006 (R).jpg
Canada Coin 2006 (O).jpg

2006.  Each Canadian Forces team is drawn from a different unit or command. This coin was presented to members of the MARLANT (Maritime Forces Atlantic) Team who completed the March in 2006.

It is of bronze coloured metal and has a circumference of 37mm.

Canada Coin 2011.png
Canada Coin 2011 (R).png

2011.  This coin was presented by contingent commander Brigadier-General John C. Madower to all Canadian Forces teams that participated in the 2011 Vierdaagse. The contingent comprised 205 marchers in fifteen teams, plus support personnel. It is of enamelled bronze coloured metal and has a circumference of 41 mm.

Canada Coin 2017 (O).png
Canada Coin 2017 (R).png

Canadian Police, 2017 and 2018. These challenge coins were awarded to marching groups from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Calgary Police Service (CPS), the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) and the Toronto Police Service (TPS).

They have a diameter of 44.5 mm and feature centenaries of First World War battles in which Canadian Forces played a significant part.

The RCMP march with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), the other three police services alongside the Dutch Politie teams.

Canada Coin  2018 (O).png
Canada Coin  2018 (R).png
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