From 1909 to the present day.

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Medals of the Nijmegen Vierdaagse.

From 1909 to the present day.

British Participation 75 Hectometermars

Official Anniversary and other Commemorative Awards.

In addition to medals, the (K)NBVLO have over the years presented walkers with other items that commemorate specific events and anniversaries.

Those that are medallions and badges are illustrated below.

Other commemorative gifts have also been made, ranging from playing cards to a song book.

A bronze medallion, diameter 35mm.  Designed by H. Wetselaar and made by Koninklijke Begeer.

Given to all the 11,059 walkers who completed the March that year.  It came in a small white card box bearing the Begeer name and crest on the lid.

The 40th Vierdaagse was also marked by placing thousands of small lights across Nijmegen city centre, and a special film about the Vierdaagse was made entitled "4x40".

A small bronze ’50’ pin to be attached to the ribbon.  It has a width of 7mm.

Given to the 14,084 walkers who completed the March that year.    

All those who registered for the walk also received a copy of the book 'Op Gouden Voet' ('On Golden Foot').

Key ring. Made by W. van Veluw.

Given as a souvenir to walkers that year.   Nearly 19,000 were distributed.

A small bronze ’75’ pin to be attached to the ribbon. It has a width of 8 mm.

Given to all those who completed the March that year, including those qualifying for the Orderlies’ Medal (Verzorgingsmedaille).   Including orderlies, the pin was distributed to nearly 36,000 participants.

All those who registered for the walk also received a copy of the book “De Wereld Wandelt” or "The World Walks".

1966, Fiftieth March.

2006, Ninetieth March Souvenir. (Herinneringsspeld).

1956, Fortieth March.

1991, Seventy Fifth March.

1981, Sixty Fifth March.

A gold Coloured Badge with a diameter of 20 mm at its widest point. Made by W. van Veluw.

In 2006, due to exceptionally hot conditions in which two walkers died, the March was cancelled after the first day.  Due to this early abandonment, no medals were awarded for the year.  The Vierdaagse Board therefore authorised a special souvenir for the 43,141 walkers who started on Tuesday, including the 1,021 who dropped out during the day.  

The badges were posted to all participants in December 2006.


The souvenir badge was designed by goldsmith Wilma Coehoorn from Nijmegen, combining elements that played an important part in that year’s Vierdaagse.  The background symbolises the sun that made the March so hot, the frame representing both sweat experienced on the March and the tears shed after the cancellation of final three days. The separate and combined elements are shown below:

A number of other anniversary items have been approved by the (K)NBVLO, but were not presented to all participants.  

These include medallions commemorating the 25th, 30th, 50th and 60th Vierdaagsen, made for the 1935, 1946, 1966 and 1976 marches respectively.  These were all made by Koniglijke Begeer, and those for 1966 and 1976 came in a white card box, bearing the manufacturer's name and crest on the lid.

Other official Anniversary and Commemorative Items.

This badge is sometimes seen pinned on the ribbon of the cross.  The KNBLO gave no guidance on wearing the badge, as those walking for the first time would not be in possession of the cross.  

All those who registered for the walk on Monday also received a free black rucksack by walk sponsors New Balance.

1956 Penning (O) 1956 Penning (R) 1991 Keyring (O) 1991 Keyring (R) 2006 Badge 2006 Badge (R) 2006 design 50 for ribbon 50 for ribbon (R) 75 for ribbon 75 for ribbon (R) 80 4d badge

1996, Eightieth March.

A white metal bade, bearing the crossed flags of the KNBLO (left) and the City of Nijmegen (right).  

It is 37mm wide with a height of 28mm.  

It was made by W. van Veluw.

Given to all those who completed the March in this year, about 32,000 being awarded.

1935, Twenty Fifth March.

1966, Fiftieth March.

1976, Sixtieth March.

Anniversary 50

Made of bronze coloured metal, with a diameter of 60 mm.


These could be purchased at the Vierdaagse shop during the 1966 event.

Made of silvered white metal, with a diameter of 50 mm.

Made of bronze coloured metal, with a diameter of 60 mm.


These could be purchased at the Vierdaagse shop during the 1976 event.

1946 medal

1946, Thirtieth March.

This gold coloured medallion has a diameter of 50 mm.

The inscription on the reverse reads:

“Ter herinnering aan het feit dat in het jaar 1935 de afstandsmarschn voor de 25 maal werden gehouden”,

which translates as: “To commemorate that in 1935 the distance march took place for the 25th time.”

The inscription on the reverse reads

“Ter herinnering aan de 30e Vierdaagsche.  Eee voor allen, Allen voor een”.  

This translates as “To commemorate the 30th Vierdaagse. All for one, One for all.” ‘Vierdaagsche’ is an older form of the word Vierdaagse.

This particular example belonged to Adjudant K. Boessenkool who served on the Vierdaagse Committee and acted as Administrator of the Marches for many years, both before and after the 1940-45 war.

100 badge pouch (R)

2016, One Hundredth March.

A small silver colour badge was given to all participants who registered prior to the 2016 march at the Wedren and Heumensoord. The badge consists of a red enamel scroll bearing "100ste" (100th) on a 37mm long gladiola.

The back of the badge has, in addition to the pin, the manufacturer’s name: "W van Veluw BV zeist" - Zeist is the Dutch town where van Veluw have their factory.

No guidance has been issued on whether the badge should be worn on the ribbon of the medal.

A rucksack, from sponsors 'Hi-Tec' was also presented to participants at same time as the badge.

The wallet in which the badge was presented.

2016, One Hundredth March.

This medallion was produced for sale by the Royal Dutch Mint (Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt) in co-operation with the 4daagse organisers to commemorate the 100th Vierdaagse.

Numbers were limited to 5,000 for the cupro nickel version, with a further 500 minted in silver and 300 in gold.

100 coincard 100 coincard (R)

The cupro nickel version was issued within a laminated coincard and had a diameter of 33 mm and weighed 15.5 grams.

The gold version was of proof quality, with a diameter of 21 mm and weighed 3.5 grams. It was issued in a wooden presentation box.  

The silver version was of proof quality, with a diameter of 38.6 mm and weighed 3.1 grams. It was issued in a card presentation box.  

The illustrations show the cupro nickel version.  

Medal awarded by the municipality of Druten

Until 1966, after which the maximum daily distance was reduced from 55 to 50 km, the Vierdaagse route passed through Druten, a town on the Waal about 20km west of Nijmegen.  When the 55km daily distance was announced to celebrate the 100th March, the organisers agreed to Druten district council's suggestion that the second day route should pass through their town.  

To mark this event, on crossing into Druten the 55 km walkers went through a 'border post' where they received a special medal and a visa from Druten council that permitted entry into their town.

The medal is 40mm wide and can be worn around the neck from a green and white ribbon - the colours of the Druten flag.

Above: Obverse and reverse of the Druten medal awarded by the town council.

With thanks to Massimiliano Munzi for supplying information about the medal.

Approximately 4,600 55 km walkers passed through Druten and were awarded the medal.

a- 100 badge, Druten R

Right: The visa that accompanied the medal, that 'permitted' walkers to enter Druten.

A badge of the same design, but of a gold coloured metal, was given to all members of the Vierdaagse Executive Committee (Uitvoerend Comite) and to support staff.

The badge was presented in a blue plastic wallet bearing the words "wie wandelt wordt honderd" (a century of walking) with the manufacturer's details on the reverse.

1991, Seventy Fifth March.

This commemorative 2½ ECU coin was produced for sale by the Royal Dutch Mint (Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt) to mark the 75th Vierdaagse in 1991.  It is made of cupro nickel and has a diameter of 33 mm.

The coin was sold in a red plastic presentation case.

The reverse depicts the Nijmegen Road Bridge and Belvedere tower; marching feet; artefacts from the Roman era and, on the right, the coat of arms of the City.

The ECU (European Currency Unit) linked the separate national currencies of the European Union and was a precursor of the Euro.  Several EU counties issued ECU coins as commemorative items that were not intended to be used as currency.

It was sold in a red plastic presentation case.

2020, De Alternatieve Vierdaagse

In response to the cancellation of the 2020 Vierdaagse, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Royal Dutch Walking Federation (KWBN) organised an Alternative Vierdaagse.

This took place on 21-24 July, the same four days as the cancelled event. Each participant entered by downloading an ap on their smartphone. A distance of 10 to 50 km a day was selected, with the walker determining their own route in their own area, thus avoiding walking in large groups. The app mapped the route taken and measured the distance walked, thereby confirming that the distance chosen had been covered each day.

Each participant could apply for a special souvenir medal. This is circular, of white metal and shows a crowned Vierdaagse Cross on the obverse. It is suspended from a red, white and blue ribbon. Unlike the Vierdaagse Cross itself, it is a souvenir only and has no official standing. Over 20,000 people downloaded the event ap and wee eligible to apply for the medal.

2020 Alt 4daagse 80 4d badge (R) 100 badge 100 badge (R) a- 100 badge, Druten a- 100 passport Druten Anniversary 35 Anniversary 35 (R) Anniversary 50 (R) Anniversary 60 Anniversary 60 (R) 100 coincard (R) - Coin 100 coincard - Coin Ecu coin (1) Ecu coin (4) Ecu coin (3)